Let’s go!

Let’s go!

Good luck, Ebola-chan.

This is a pretty gross actually.


there are some characters I wish I can’t relate to

Another reason the Good2Go app is stupid.  You log your “Yes” and then you start, but at some point you change your mind.  Too late, your “yes” is logged on what could be a predator’s phone.  If of course, your partner is not a predator and respects your change of heart, the app was ultimately useless at the end of it all.

If anything it protects only the user of the app, not really their partners.

So there’s this phone app coming out along with California’s legislation requiring “affirmative consent” to progress in sexual intercourse.  The app allows you to have your partner answer some personal questions and verify that “yes I want to have sex with this person,” in order to “keep both parties safe.”  Here’s a commercial for the app.

Turns out, the app sells that information to marketers to build new marketing profiles on sexual attractions and connections, a next level up from social networking logging your likes and friends.  Now marketers can see who you have sex with to determine what kind of ads to send you and your partner.

So not only is there this completely unsexy awkward survey before having sex, but you add yourself and your partner to marketing databases.  Combine that with GPS information, and they know where you’re having sex.  I dunno, shit is weird.

when I eat I bite my lip a lot

so totally sucks